We got love for each other, don’t we?


I have the fervour of myself for a presence
and my own spirit for light;

H.D., Eurydice VII
Significant quotes from Shinsekai Yori


"The Power of imagination is what changes everything

Shinsekai Yori | Tale of the Fiend

"It was about five hundred years ago.

A young man was wandering the mountains, picking herbs. Completely absorbed in his herb-picking, he reached the Holy Barrier.

He glanced outside the cordon and saw a large field of herbs. He had been reminded many times by adults that crossing the Holy Barrier was forbidden. If the need arose for whatever reason, he was supposed to be accompanied by an adult.

He saw a fiend coming for him. He was about to lead the fiend back to his village. If he followed the path to the village, the fiend would obliterate it. What should he do?

 ”My life matters not. The fiend should never find the village.”

And so, no fiend has ever found our village so far.”

swgraphicchallenge: yelloweyedcrowley vs buticancarryyou
promptBroken Side Of Time by Matthew Ryan

heaven is empty and all its angels are gone

heaven is empty and all its angels are gone

Sansa x Margaery modern AU − Aspiring British painter Margaery Tyrell has been struggling with inspiration for years, but finally finds her muse in Sansa Stark. The young girl ignites a passion in Margaery that leads to a series of paintings, combining her tender relationship with Sansa and her childhood obsession with flowers, and the beauty of the natural world.

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